We are the Hope for Democracy

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I am proud to tell the many people that I meet that I am a student studying at a university. I feel that every day I am able to learn and grow and develop myself into a better human being. I also am proud to associate myself with thousands of other people every single day that I can learn from while they learn from me. As Provost Kyle Harper began his remarks I felt my heart sing out that what he was saying was spot on.

Provost Harper shared his thoughts about democracy and how a university plays a role in it. He mentioned that universities are;

  • Places of opportunity
  • Places of truth
  • Places of community

At universities people from all across the world with different religions, socio-economic classes, cultures, gender affiliations, and races come together to learn, grow, work, and play with each other. Universities have the responsibility to be an example to the world that the things that could potentially divide us can be overcome. Universities are places where democracy can be exemplified in the fullest and purest forms.

Provost Harper’s words were not so much a comparison of a university to a democracy as much as it was a call to action. Universities pave the path for democracy and if it can’t be done here then it surely won’t be done anywhere else. It is our job to make sure that we make OU a place of opportunity, truth, and community so that the local community and the rest of the world can follow suite.

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