The Odd Coolness of Brasilia

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Brasilia is an odd place BUT it is so cool! The engineering in this city is marvelous! I stared in awe at the marvelous road system that appeared so intricate yet so flawless at the same time. I watched cars as they would take an off ramp exit and then continue to take 2 more ramps just to get in the direction they wanted (As I explain this in writing it appears to be quite an inefficient road system BUT I can assure you it is effective). Due to this interesting road system based on merging when turning rather than waiting for stoplights stop lights are pretty much obsolete in this town. In the few cases when stoplights are necessary it is clear that they are all interconnected through an effective timing system. As one street seems to back up with too many cars the light turns green. Cars merging on that same road but a block before are halted to ensure that the road isn’t too crowded for that road’s original traffic. In summary, every one stops where they won’t negatively affect the cars around them. It is truly a genius system for all things on wheels.

While the city is a car lover’s dream it is also a pedestrian’s worst nightmare. A city without stoplights means a city without crosswalks. This makes crossing roads practically impossible as well as insanely scary. When there are crosswalks it often takes 3-5 minutes to get ‘go ahead’ to cross due to the city’s desire to maintain control over the cars flow.

Adding a few pedestrian bridges over the city’s busiest streets would be a quick and easy fix to this problem. If the bridges are too aesthetically unpleasing than underground tunnels would suffice. This city has potential to truly be a perfect city for all if just a few alterations were made.

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