Omar Khayyam Day

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I am embarrassed to say that I have walked past the mesmerizing white statue in front of Farzaneh Hall multiple times and had no idea who the sculpture portrayed. I was quick to recognize the beauty of the statue and was correct in assuming that the statue was a portrayal of a great thinker. Little did I know that the statue portrayed one of the greatest and most influential thinkers of the middle ages, Omar Khayyam.

Omar Khayyam accomplished much during his life time and I am glad I had the chance to learn more about him at the Omar Khayyam Day put on by the Persian Studies Students in tandem with the Iranian Student Association. The event was well attended and consisted of many fun elements. There was a poetry recitation put on by the Persian language students, great speeches on the importance of Khayyam and his effects on Persian literature, great baklava and other food, as well as Persian calligraphy.

All in all the event was fun, educational, and delicious. Next time an event is hosted by the Persian Studies students I will be sure to mark it on my calendar.

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