My Peruvian Passion: “Be There” Dance Festival

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Long before meeting my OU cousin, Renato, I had a fascination with Peru. I had heard many fascinating things about Peru, everything from brags about the famous Inca Cola to the trendy and practically sandals made out of tires. When I found out that my OU cousin was from Peru I was ecstatic! I have enjoyed talking with him about his friends, his family, his schooling, and his career prospects upon returning! I was amazed at Renato’s love for video games and was even more impressed when he asked me for a ride to pick up the recently released PlayStation 4 Pro. He had it pre-ordered and everything! Renato explained that in Peru it was significantly harder to get access to legit gaming consoles and even if you had access the price was usually through the roof! Renato wasn’t only buying this console for his own enjoyment but he was truly buying it so his friends could revel in the experience as well. The whole time I was driving Renato to the store he was live updating his friends on the status of his purchase! Renato has been good for me as he helps me keep my curiosity of Peru alive!
When I saw that the Peruvian Student Association was putting on a dance festival I was intrigued to say the least. I was even more impressed when I learned that the proceeds from the event were to help “Proyecto Don Quijote,” a non-profit dedicated to developing leadership skills in youth in low economic situations. The event was fun and the dances were well polished. The technical difficulties between the acts made the show even more genuine as everyone in attendance was able to chill and just enjoy the moment as we all shared in laughs!
My curiosity for Peru continues to grow as I am exposed to snap shots of Peruvian culture little bits at a time!

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