Lebanese Heritage and Food Festival

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My wife and I pride ourselves on being “foodies”. One of the first dates we did a “world food tour” which involved eating Ethiopian food at “The Queen of Sheba”, followed by a sampling of Asian baked goods from the Asian SuperStore, “Super Cao Nguyen”, and finally culminating with a quick trip to “Plaza Mayor” for some chili mango candy. From that day on we are always trying to find unique places to eat so we can sample food from all over the world! This last Valentine’s Day I even bought my wife a map so we could show off all the countries in which we have sampled food!

When I had about the Lebanese Heritage and Food Festival I knew I couldn’t pass it up! I was excited and eager to taste the food as well as learn a little about the culture. I was impressed by the wide selection of food items that were all homemade and was further excited when I learned there was a bake sale as well. The items in the bake sale were fascinating and I enjoyed asking questions about the contents of each dish or jar. One jar in particular seemed intriguing and I was surprised to find out that the jar contained balls of yogurt which were preserved by the oil they were surrounded by (upon furthering questioning I was told the yogurt balls didn’t even require refrigeration).

The night wasn’t over yet. After sampling the food, and yes tasting some of the desert from the bake sale, my wife and were treated to some traditional Lebanese music sung by some of the organizers of the event. As the music began there were many who began to sing and dance along. The night was a quick step into another region of the world that I had never before been. As we got home that night my wife and I went straight to our world map and were happy to pin yet another country to our list!

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