(Contra) Dance Party!!!!

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I began the night headed to an event that I couldn’t wait to be over and I ended that night committed to doing it again (as well as bring my friends along with me). The event was a Contra dance that I hesitantly participated in at first but was flying around the room by the end.

Despite my lack of experience I never really struggled learning the dance moves and the routine. The caller (i.e. contra dance teacher) was friendly, encouraging, and knew all the right things to say to make the dance moves simple and understandable. There were plenty of ‘veteran’ contra dancers there too which further made the learning process easier. It was clear that they were there because they truly loved contra dancing and had long ago mastered the steps and routines, however, their patience and willingness to work with us never waned as they encouraged and danced with us throughout the night.

It wasn’t long before I found myself feeling comfortable with the dance moves and started forgetting about my previous apprehensions and concerns. It was then that I started to have fun! While I would never really admit to loving dancing, especially contra dancing, I am proud to say that I had fun and plan to go back. I even have a few friends who are willing to come along and see what’s about for themselves.

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