Buddies in Brazil

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I will be honest in my feelings of the people of Brazil.

At first I didn’t find the Brazilian people very helpful or friendly. I had several encounters with Brazilians which made me wonder why they were so rude. At grocery stores I would be given an intentionally large amount of coins for change that could have been given in just one coin (I literally was handed ten 5cent coins instead of just one 50 cent coin).

As other students in the group told me of similar experiences I was getting pretty upset with the culture and people here.

The next day I lost my phone and I was sure that due to my previous encounters with people that there was no way I was going to get my phone back. I was out walking that night with Sam as he was trying to find new clothes to buy and was impressed with a store that stayed opened past their usual 10:00 closing time to let us try things on and buy things (We didn’t arrive until 10:10 and we stayed until about 10:25). They were happy to do it and didn’t seem like they were in a rush to kick us out. As a guy that works retail I know that the second it is closing time, the front doors are locked and I am out of there.

As we continued to walk around the city Sam stopped to buy a churro. The sign clearly said 3 Reas for a churro and when Sam handed the man two 2 Reas bills the man simply gave one bill back to Sam making Sam only pay 2 reas for the churro. The churro seller seemed genuinely happy that he just made us happy! It was awesome! My love for the Brazilian people was growing.

The next morning I woke up to the news that my phone had been found! I was shocked!!! I could not believe the friendliness of the people to help me out! I was shocked and impressed and full of gratitude and love towards the people of Brazil! While I have had some tough experiences I am overall very impressed with the people here.

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