Acai, The Super Fruit

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Awwww the magic of Acai! I had heard about it for years as the magical health benefits of the fruit seemed to make its way onto every newspaper ad and into every health food store across America!! When I finally has the chance to try it I committed in a BIG way. Indeed, I asked for the super bowl which equated to 4-5 normal servings! Luckily for me I was hungry and luckily for me I loved the stuff! When I found out that the college of International and Area Studies was promoting Brazil study abroad by handing out Acai I was intrigued! I loved the various events all across campus and was sure to show up everytime they announces there would be Acai! While it didn’t take Acai to convince me to study abroad in Brazil in the first place I hope that it was enough to convince others to do it! Brazil week was a great event and the Acai made it even better! If you’re thinking of traveling or studying abroad be sure to consider Brazil!

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