What a Time to be Alive!!

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Whether it be a town over, across state boundaries, or even an ocean away, staying in touch with family and friends is easier now than ever! This time of year makes me even more grateful for things like Skype, Facebook, and email! Many great things have been able to happen in my life thanks to these advances in technology! Here’s a list of a few.

-I have been able to keep up my Khmer language skills as I Skype my Cambodian friends half way across the world.

-When my dad was deployed to Afghanistan I was able to skype him on a weekly basis. He was even able to narrate our family’s Christmas Nativity Re-enactment.

-The second my best friend in Cambodia had his baby girl I was able to see pictures of her and feel of his excitement and joy thanks to Facebook.

-I am able to stay in weekly correspondence with the team I worked with this last summer and help offer them continued ideas and advice through email.

-My brother living in London seems much closer thanks to the ability to connect through email. (I will get the chance to Skype him on Christmas day which will be the best Christmas gift ever!)

This time of year makes me realize how blessed I truly am! No matter how far apart others on this globe may be, I feel instantly connected to them which brings me much comfort, peace, and joy!

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